Red Rock Raw is a raw food for dogs and cats.  Specially designed to accommodate large breed owners, breeders, kennels, and rescue organizations.


Our Philosophy:  This diet is based off of a modified prey model.  Meat to produce ratio is 94:6.  Poultry to produce ratio is 90:10.    Variety and rotation are important.

We offer two distinct proteins: MOOOO Meal & Cock-A-Doodle Dinner.

MOOOO Meal Canine Dinner is made from 94% ground beef meat, beef bone, beef tripe, beef heart, and beef liver.  6% of this diet is made up of Fruits, Vegetables, and Supplements like kelp powder for additional vitamins and minerals.

Cock-A-Doodle Canine Dinner is made from Chicken.  Chicken necks, chicken leg quarters, chicken liver, and chicken gizzard makes up 90% of this formulation.  10% is the same Fruits, Vegetables, and Supplements found in the MOOOO Meal for easy transition between the two dinners.


Safe Ingredients:  Meat & Poultry are sourced from only USDA certified facilities, and are classified as human consumable.  We do not use any rendered or denatured meat or poultry.  Our manufacturing facility is inspected and licensed by the CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture and implements very rigorous manufacturing practices.  During processing the meat never goes above 29 degrees.


Maximized Nutrition: Only Premium Ingredients are being used.  We use only restaurant quality fruits and vegetables.  Essential vitamin & minerals come from whole food sources.   Calcium Carbonate is added to balance the Calcium: Phosphorous ratio to1:1.   No blood, no grains, no preservatives, no added sugar, or fillers are used.


Support USA:   All produce and supplements are grown and sourced from the USA.  No Ingredient comes from China or Mexico.